Wednesday, December 22, 2004


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Another Christmas gift completed. Somehow adding a couple of pom-poms have transformed this scarf into something a bit more fun!

Knit with 100g Patons Symphony yarn on 7mm needles.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


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I knit this scarf in a strange stranded yarn called - I think - Capri. I cast on about 300 sts on my trusty circulars but soon realised it would be far too long. When a friendly knitter suggested that the ruffles looked good, I did a series of decreases so that I got a frilly edge and then a slightly straighter 'neckband'.

The photo doesn't really do justice to the delicate shades of peach, lilac and pale green, but hopefully mum will like it.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Knitting as fast as I can

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Dear Fairy Godmother

Any suggestions on how to turn all this into Christmas gifts in the next 4 days would be welcome!

back to the grindstone...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

First Felting Experience

I had a great set of Before and After pics planned for this spot. I'm working on a knitted bag as a Christmas gift which I wanted to shrink slightly through felting/fulling. I bravely chucked it into the washing machine hoping it wouldn't shrink to the size of a postage stamp. The yarn isn't 100% wool so that shouldn't have been a problem...

Well, I pulled it out of the washer and nothing happened. Nothing had changed. Maybe the wash wasn't hot enough, maybe the yarn wasn't woolly enough, but the Before and After pics would be identical so you'll just have to wait until I finish it and I can post it in all its pink and loopy glory!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


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I was browsing through the magazine shelves of WHSmith today when I spotted this NEW magazine for Scrapbook fans. Shame the designer of the front cover and the designer of the plastic wrap didn't correspond with each other. Especially since it's a NEW launch and all...

I love BBC Radio 4 (Knitting cliche?), especially the comedy and "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" is my fave. I was trying to work last night and simultaneously cracking up when I heard the following list of definitions. I hope they work as well written down.

PSYCHOPATH - crazy paving

MISTAKE - winner of a butcher's beauty contest

iPOD - optical aid using peas

SENTIMENT - the perfume he intended to buy

POSTULATE - new name for Royal Mail

log onto to Listen Again to these and other great gags.

Monday, December 13, 2004

little tiny hats

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As promised, here's a pic of the little hats we knitted for the Innocent Drinks people. We worked out that they were just about the right size for Action Man. If you're interested, the pattern is still available on the site. I think each one tool about 6m of DK yarn and 20mins to make (bobble not included).

I've yet to find a hat that suits my irregularly shaped/sized head and rediculous amount of hair. Actually, there is one, but the brim is wide enough to sunbathe on so it's not exactly practical.

I suppose I'll have to rely on thick scarves, socks and gloves to keep me warm this winter. I bought a pair of fleecy gloves (which I will wear until I've finished knitting my Glittens but had to take them back (to the, ahem, shonky market stall) two days later because the seam was coming apart. The law was on my side but the stall owner was having none of it: "You must've done something to them to make them do that" he huffed "What am I going to do with them?" All I wanted was another pair. He tried to fob me off by getting me to BUY a new pair for half price.

In the end he gave me the new pair AND let me keep the old ones!

Ahh, that's more like it.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jam is good

piano detail
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Girl's Guide to Make and Boo A mate came over yesterday and we had our first ever jamming session: He on newly aquired shiny guitar and me on beloved digital piano. As we sat there, before we played a note, I suddenly got really nervous. What was I thinking? I'd never 'jammed' with someone else before, preferring to lock myself away to write songs - just me and my piano. Now I would have to show my un-rehearsed self to someone else. eugh.

It was actually fine and we both enjoyed ourselves. Just noodling with a few chord sequences turned out to be pretty cool and we were beaming at each other by the end.

If you want a chord sequence filled with longing, try Dmaj / / / Gmin/D then Bmin Gmin/Bflat.......mmm aching

I'm loving my new piano - a delicious Roland FP-2. Although it's got all the good things like weighted keys and touch sensitivity that makes it as close to a proper piano as you can get (while being portable), it's the silly extra sounds that get me.

I swear, next time I have a bout of PMS I'm going to sit down and play it with the Jazz Scat sound activated: It's hilarious! Press the keys lightly and a smooth-toned male voice sings "Doooo" press a little harder and he changes to "Waaah", and if you hit the key he scream "Bap!".... Hours of fun

Beautiful Baby Blanket

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Approx Size: 50x40cm.
200g of Sirdar Country Style DK in dark pink, light pink, cream and beige.
Finishing: Join cast off edges to cast on edges to form columns of knitted squares. Then join the columns together. Finally, add crochet edging in dark pink and use blanket stitch to sew on a fleece backing.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Let's get this party started

After the false start, I'm counting down to Christmas and plan to blog regularly.

A few weeks ago, I got my workmates to help knit tiny hats to go onto Innocent smoothie bottles. Men and women who haven't knitted for years rediscovered their talent and thoroughly enjoyed there lunchtime knit session. People all around the UK knit hats for Innocent who will donate money to keep-grannies-warm type charities for every hat-wearing smoothie sold.

Hot to trot and flushed with excitement from our acheivement, we decided to continue by making a baby blanket for our team director. He was off on paternity leave while we furiously clicked away each making 10cm x 10cm squares. If I can get the thing working, I'll post a few pictures of the result later...

TIP: One thing which really helped for the success of the design was to stick to a specific colour palette. I bought 200g of DK wool-mix yarn in four colours. As long as everyone knit a square to roughly the same size it didn't matter what the pattern was. The colourway helped to tie the disparate squares together into a beautiful result.

Although we thoroughly embarressed our director when giving him the blanket this week, I'm hoping it will become some kind of heirloom - or at least, baby W's favourite blankie!