Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jam is good

piano detail
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Girl's Guide to Make and Boo A mate came over yesterday and we had our first ever jamming session: He on newly aquired shiny guitar and me on beloved digital piano. As we sat there, before we played a note, I suddenly got really nervous. What was I thinking? I'd never 'jammed' with someone else before, preferring to lock myself away to write songs - just me and my piano. Now I would have to show my un-rehearsed self to someone else. eugh.

It was actually fine and we both enjoyed ourselves. Just noodling with a few chord sequences turned out to be pretty cool and we were beaming at each other by the end.

If you want a chord sequence filled with longing, try Dmaj / / / Gmin/D then Bmin Gmin/Bflat.......mmm aching

I'm loving my new piano - a delicious Roland FP-2. Although it's got all the good things like weighted keys and touch sensitivity that makes it as close to a proper piano as you can get (while being portable), it's the silly extra sounds that get me.

I swear, next time I have a bout of PMS I'm going to sit down and play it with the Jazz Scat sound activated: It's hilarious! Press the keys lightly and a smooth-toned male voice sings "Doooo" press a little harder and he changes to "Waaah", and if you hit the key he scream "Bap!".... Hours of fun


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