Thursday, December 09, 2004

Let's get this party started

After the false start, I'm counting down to Christmas and plan to blog regularly.

A few weeks ago, I got my workmates to help knit tiny hats to go onto Innocent smoothie bottles. Men and women who haven't knitted for years rediscovered their talent and thoroughly enjoyed there lunchtime knit session. People all around the UK knit hats for Innocent who will donate money to keep-grannies-warm type charities for every hat-wearing smoothie sold.

Hot to trot and flushed with excitement from our acheivement, we decided to continue by making a baby blanket for our team director. He was off on paternity leave while we furiously clicked away each making 10cm x 10cm squares. If I can get the thing working, I'll post a few pictures of the result later...

TIP: One thing which really helped for the success of the design was to stick to a specific colour palette. I bought 200g of DK wool-mix yarn in four colours. As long as everyone knit a square to roughly the same size it didn't matter what the pattern was. The colourway helped to tie the disparate squares together into a beautiful result.

Although we thoroughly embarressed our director when giving him the blanket this week, I'm hoping it will become some kind of heirloom - or at least, baby W's favourite blankie!


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