Monday, February 28, 2005

Fame at Last!

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I'm very excited to be able to direct you to the latest issue of Magknits (link on the left) where you'll find this pattern on the "Knit us" page.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Finishing is a Mare

No pics with this post. Nothing to show (yet).

No wonder I take ages to finish things, and I'm not surprised that people don't *heart* finishing on their blogs. I've completed the knitting for Fluffy Red, grafted the shoulders together and joined the sleeves to the body. Actually, that sounds like I'm nearly there doesn't it? I just need to sew up the sides and along the sleeves and then.... start knitting the collar! I'm quite looking forward to getting back on the needles and I'm going to try out a lacy ruffle...

Speaking of needles, I'm bartering piano lessons for sewing skills with a fellow knitter. I'm going to teach her the basics on her newly aquired instrument and hopefully she'll make me a needle roll!

You know how *some* women with too many shoes get all organised and put photos on the shoeboxes in their wardrobes? Well, I'm thinking of doing something similar with my stash. I don't think it's that bad but I'm sure there's stuff in there I've forgotten about so I'm gonna take photos and log what I intend to do with it all.

Look out for some exciting news on Monday...

Friday, February 18, 2005

The End is Nigh

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...or should that be "The end is in sight"? This is the second sleeve - and final part - of my Fuzzy Swing Jacket. It will be the first finished clothing (as opposed to socks, scarves, glittens etc.) completed since starting this blog.

When I bought the yarn (an ebay find) I knew it was 'foreign'. I've since found out that the strange alphabet on the ball band is, in fact, Hebrew! Now that someone has helpfully translated it, I know that it is 75%Acrylic and 25%Wool - not that other way around as I'd hoped. Oh well, it still feels very soft and fuzzy.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Is this the saddest photo you've seen today?

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They were left in the ladies room of our offices...

Take a closer look at the note...

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So what's the story? I'm desperate to know... Is it an illicit affair? An unwanted admirer?

Lady, if you're reading this, I'm just posting the picture as a piece of art on my "subject:creative" blog. Oh, and 'cos I'm a little jealous of course!

Friday, February 11, 2005

what to do with it?

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I bought two balls of Strong Print as a souvenir of my trip to Venice but I'm not sure what to make with it. It will knit up lovely stripes of ruby, cream and cream/blue-grey. I thought I could use it to practise a wavy chevron stitch.

Now I'm wondering whether to make some fingerless mittens instead.... Any suggestions?

Also in this pic is a Quick Strick needle from Inox. One end is 4mm, the other is 10mm in order to make those interesting thick/think rows used in lots of scarves at the moment. I've got some creamy Rowan Polar which might be destined for this circ...

I've finished the back (and back sleeves) of the Floating Mesh jacket. I've decided it's not going to be a jumper but will be split down the middle. Just started the left side. It's on 4mm and taking ages so I might have to start another quick project to keep up my interest. Polar scarf or fingerless mittens, hmmmmmmm

Thursday, February 10, 2005

first (ever) socks

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I'm pleased to post my first socks. Not a easy trying to photograph them in a flattering way... I'll try again another day.

I'm very happy with them. I used just over 100g of Adrifil Global yarn which is mostly wool on 4mm dpns. I used this pattern: which is very easy to follow and (of course) felt the need to make my own details such as the spiral rib cuff and eyelet pattern. If I knit them again, I will make them longer - now I know how much yarn it takes - and I'd put the eyelets closer together so the pattern is more spirally...

My souvenir from Venice was some lovely stipey sock yarn. I'm going to try toe-up socks next so I don't need to worry about running out of wool. I'm also intrigued by the figure-of-8 cast on method so that's next!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

But is it art?

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Saw this scrawl on a wall during a recent surprise trip to Venice and it got me thinking: Who calls apon whom to "Kill the Tourist"? Certainly not the bar and cafe owners whose livelihood relies on visitors but as someone who grew up in the tourist belt of the Westcountry, I can understand why a teenager might get p*ssed off with the constant stream of trouists passing through.

Another bit of graffitti suggested "Fake a Dream"

Almost completed my second sock on this trip. Photos to follow...