Friday, February 25, 2005

Finishing is a Mare

No pics with this post. Nothing to show (yet).

No wonder I take ages to finish things, and I'm not surprised that people don't *heart* finishing on their blogs. I've completed the knitting for Fluffy Red, grafted the shoulders together and joined the sleeves to the body. Actually, that sounds like I'm nearly there doesn't it? I just need to sew up the sides and along the sleeves and then.... start knitting the collar! I'm quite looking forward to getting back on the needles and I'm going to try out a lacy ruffle...

Speaking of needles, I'm bartering piano lessons for sewing skills with a fellow knitter. I'm going to teach her the basics on her newly aquired instrument and hopefully she'll make me a needle roll!

You know how *some* women with too many shoes get all organised and put photos on the shoeboxes in their wardrobes? Well, I'm thinking of doing something similar with my stash. I don't think it's that bad but I'm sure there's stuff in there I've forgotten about so I'm gonna take photos and log what I intend to do with it all.

Look out for some exciting news on Monday...


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