Friday, February 11, 2005

what to do with it?

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I bought two balls of Strong Print as a souvenir of my trip to Venice but I'm not sure what to make with it. It will knit up lovely stripes of ruby, cream and cream/blue-grey. I thought I could use it to practise a wavy chevron stitch.

Now I'm wondering whether to make some fingerless mittens instead.... Any suggestions?

Also in this pic is a Quick Strick needle from Inox. One end is 4mm, the other is 10mm in order to make those interesting thick/think rows used in lots of scarves at the moment. I've got some creamy Rowan Polar which might be destined for this circ...

I've finished the back (and back sleeves) of the Floating Mesh jacket. I've decided it's not going to be a jumper but will be split down the middle. Just started the left side. It's on 4mm and taking ages so I might have to start another quick project to keep up my interest. Polar scarf or fingerless mittens, hmmmmmmm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via your lovely pattern on Magknits. Try a Clapotis or a bias knit scarf with your beautiful yarn the colour runs will look good.
Have fun, Judith

8:02 pm  

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