Monday, March 14, 2005

Love Hurts

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I've realise that my knitting frenzy has taken over; Since this is supposed to be a 'creative' blog, I thought I'd post another bit of Make and Boo I've recently created.

As part of the UK's Red Nose Day on Friday, we were challenged to make something using a load of Monopoly hotels, Connect 4 counters, red Play Doh and an Action man figure. This is what I came up with. You can just about make out Action Man's boots sticking out underneath the giant heart which has crushed him. Working with Play Doh's inherent drying quality/weakness, I was quite pleased as the cracks appeared across the heart, showing its fragility... :-~


Blogger Tracy said...

Brilliant! I knew there was a good use for Action Man. Love your last knit by the way, one of my favourite colours! I've just joined the UK knitters ring and didn't have a clue there were as many as there are of us!

12:01 pm  

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