Monday, April 11, 2005

...and I got this

prague stash
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Well, I had to get some kind of souvenir in Prague. I didn't manage to track down a small wool shop so had to make do with the (mainly man-made fibre) selection in a department store. The two pinky-coloured balls are destined to be a hat. The multicoloured one is made from polypropelene and feels like recycled plastic bags. I think I'm making a bag with that as I can't imagine wearing anything so hard and scratchy.

Finally, the central one is lovely and soft and about 50% wool. It will make the first squares of my Travellers Blanket. I'm going to buy wool wherever I go and knit up squares from it. I couldn't face casting on a whole afgan but squares seem more managable...


Anonymous Andrea said...

Love the idea of a travellers blanket. Good luck and let us see a photo once it gets going:)

2:31 pm  

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