Saturday, April 30, 2005

Well travelled sock

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Time to post my progress. I'm working on about 5 different projects at the moment so it's good to be able to show something (half) completed. talks about Second Sock Syndrome and didn't want to catch it so I cast on asap after finishing the first. This sock yarn has been to Prague and back - I even dropped the first sock in a puddle so there may be some Czech rainwater residue remaining!

I love this Opal sock yarn. It's self patterning so all you have to do is knit knit knit and the stripes appear before your eyes. It reminds me of a story my Granny told me about a girl learning to knit. Her grandmother gave her a ball of wool to which she had attached little treats along the way - saftely pins, beads etc to encourage the girl to keep going.

I expect today's teenagers will need more than a couple of safty pins for encouragement, but I certainly find the Opal yarn addictive: What will come next? Will it go light blue or cream? Thick or thin stripe? Oh! now it's an almost-fair isle pattern!

Do I need to get out more?


Blogger Noo said...

I got my first sock kit (with lovely self-patterning yarn) a while a go, but I've been too much of a scaredy cat to give it a go! I've been looking into the magic loop technique - have you tried this? I have yet to knit in the round, or with DPNs(!)

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